24 February 2014

Laser Applied Surface Engineering - a new company in Wales

Laser Applied Surface Engineering (LASE) is a new start-up company based in South Wales. It is primarily a laser cladding contracting workshop and also offers laser cladding equipment and consultancy.

LASE laser clad coatings provide excellent levels of wear and corrosion performance, and are therefore ideal for the protection of components used in heavy industry. Laser cladding equipment is based on a Laserline diode laser, with a Precitec processing head, Metallisation Control System and Kuka robotics.

LASE also offers a mobile laser cladding service; all their equipment has been designed to be fully portable, the whole system packs into a purpose built trailer. Once on site the equipment can be up and running within a few hours, all that is required from the customer is a supply of electricity.

This unique offering allows LASE to resurface and repair components in-situ, this is particularly beneficial where the size of the component precludes transportation. A good example of this is the repair of large components which require specialist manipulation equipment. In this scenario the laser equipment can be set up alongside the tooling on a lathe. This allows the component to be pre-machined, clad and subsequently finish machined in-situ, significantly reducing the cost and time of repair.

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