25 March 2014

Miyachi Europe announces updated ML-73 D series fibre laser markers

Miyachi Europe, the leading supplier of laser and resistance welding systems, laser marking products, and hot bar systems, announces its newly updated ML-73 D Series fibre laser markers, ideal for high power and high speed laser marking, laser engraving, laser ablation, and laser annealing of metals, plastics, and ceramics. The galvo scan head ML-73 D series markers are especially suited for implantable medical devices, as well as automotive and electronic component applications.

Combining cutting-edge technology with industrial robustness, the versatile ML-73 D Series single- and multi-mode fibre laser markers are designed with multiple integration options to accommodate standalone operation, full production automation, or prototype development.
The series includes markers ranging from 10W to 100W, and Miyachi Europe uses its expertise to correctly match the most appropriate fibre laser marker with a specific marking application. With a range of user configurable options, the markers can be precisely tailored for optimised production.

The ML-73 D Series produces high speed, high contrast marks on plastics, and excellent contrast and crispness of annealed and engraved marks. In addition to offering high contrast marks in high speed laser marking, laser engraving, laser etching, laser ablation and laser annealing applications, the ML-73 D Series is also suitable for laser deep engraving, laser foaming, and laser bleaching.

The air-cooled, sealed industrial package is designed for operation in harsh environments. It has powerful control software that features industry standard programming for a wide range of marking options and types, a user-friendly Windows®-based job-editor, easy to import graphics, and support for multiple languages. The marker motion unit is equipped with an integrated motion system allowing user control of as many as four stepper motors (typically XYZ and rotary). The integrated controllers feature easy configuration and control, with no extensive hardware requirements.

Designed with the system integrator in mind, the ML-73 D Series markers include several data input and output options to support marking and engraving applications performed in a job shop or in a fully automated production line. Also available is a variety of accessories, as well as standard and customized enclosures meeting class 1 safety requirements.

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