9 April 2014

Trumpf revolutionises 2D laser cutting with its world class all purpose 2D flatbed laser

From mild steel to stainless steel through to highly reflective materials such as copper and aluminium; from 1mm to 25mm sheet thickness – all components can be produced on one single laser machine. The new TruLaser 5030 fiber with BrightLine fiber function is a breakthrough in 2D laser cutting giving manufacturers the best of both worlds – maximum productivity and excellent quality in cutting thin sheet and exactly the same attributes for thick sheet.

Indeed this combination achieves quality and productivity in material between 15 and 25mm that is market leading. Even stainless steel and aluminium, up to 25mm thick, can be cut cleanly and very fine holes and contours applied; previously they could only be drilled.

In short, the TruLaser 5030 fiber with 5kW laser and BrightLine fiber can process all common material types with assured quality, setting a new benchmark for all-purpose solid-state laser machines.

The combination of beam generation, guidance and focusing are crucial for the BrightLine fiber function and as TRUMPF designs and manufactures all the elements, they are designed to work together optimally. Furthermore, the company has been developing solid-state laser cutting for decades and this process know-how underpins this latest introduction.

The most significant achievement of the TruLaser 5030 fiber with BrightLine fiber is the edge quality of thicker materials. Although the TruLaser 5030 fiber with solid-state laser was capable of cutting stainless steel up to 20mm thick and mild steel up to 25mm thick, secondary finishing was sometimes required.

This problem has been completely eliminated with the introduction of BrightLine fiber. Edge quality and process reliability are assured. And additionally, the machine’s cutting capacity for aluminium and stainless steel has increased to 25mm.

Used in conjunction with BrightLine fiber, a new multi-stage piercing process offers additional advantages when cutting stainless steel. It prevents slag from forming when the laser beam pierces the sheet. This means the machine no longer needs to give the cutting point a wide berth and can therefore execute even finer contours.

To take one example, this enables the TruLaser 5030 fiber to attain minimum contour diameters of 1mm when cutting stainless steel that is 12mm thick.

BrightLine fiber also facilitates the removal of parts as they are easier to extract from the scrap skeleton. This saves time during manual unloading and increases process reliability during automated unloading.

The TruLaser 5030 fiber with BrightLine fiber not only processes thick and thin sheet with equal quality, it is also ideal for cutting non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass up to 10mm thick. This machine is indeed in a class of its own.

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