1 May 2014

Laser Mechanisms' galvo scanner option offers both high speed and accuracy in a compact package

Available for up to 20mm diameter beams, these units can deliver up to 1kW of laser power to any point within the system's field of view. An available option for all wavelengths from 258nm to 10.6μm, these galvo-based solutions can be used with standard F-Theta or telecentric flat-field lenses for large processing areas. For smaller fields, standard focus lenses can be used as an economical alternative. In addition, drilling nozzle systems can also be employed to allow coaxial gas assist to the high speed galvo capability.

The system can be controlled with standard XY2-100 protocols or a Laser Mech controller for easy interface to a PLC or computer for pre-programmed feature call-ups. Laser Mechanisms also provides all of the necessary collimators or beam expanders, and beam bender mirrors to condition and deliver the laser beam to the galvo unit.

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