1 May 2014

ROFIN StarCut Tube - next generation human machine interface

With several hundred installations world-wide ROFIN's 4-axis laser cutting system StarCut Tube has been setting the benchmark for high-precision tube processing for medical implants and instruments for more than a decade. Last year, a newly developed tube loader and a wet-cutting module opened new fields of application. Today, ROFIN presents the newly designed next generation human machine interface (HMI).

The new HMI integrates all user interface components which are required during normal operation one a single screen. All information about system status and production progress is clearly arranged. User input and parameter modification is limited to certain designated fields. Up to now, almost all tube cutting systems have been using separate user interface screens to control laser, CNC and accessories. With the new StarCut Tube HMI this is a matter of the past.

The HMI is based on a smart administration concept which allows to easily create production jobs using so-called recipes. With the built-in user administration, access to job creating as well as to other functions can be limited to certain users. There is no longer any need for normal users to deal with the operating system, so access to it can be blocked.

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