12 May 2014

II-VI UK offer RFID Cut Lenses suitable for Trumpf Lasers

II-VI UK Ltd (UK office of II-VI Infrared), the world leader in CO2 laser optics, now offer replacement Cut Lenses suitable for use on Trumpf lasers. These lenses, used in Trumpf's latest-generation single cutting head TruLaser machines, feature a contoured flat on one edge which works with Trumpf's LensLine lens contamination monitoring system. The lenses also have an RFID chip which records lens maintenance information.

The system enables the laser operator to know when the lens needs to be cleaned or replaced, and to avoid any unnecessary lens cleaning and laser downtime. Trumpf Cut Lenses also offer another advantage: because of their unique geometry, Trumpf's Cut Lenses can only be positioned in one way, assuring that the lens and its holder are always in perfect alignment. This eliminates the need for time-consuming beam centering each time the Cut Lens is removed and re-installed.

II-VI Infrared provides these replacement Cut Lenses using patented technology licensed from Trumpf (US patent #7,875,830; China patent #100,533,193C; European patent #1,800,156).

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