28 May 2014

ALT actively participates in several Technology Strategy Board (TSB) funded research projects

New projects currently on the horizon include new product prototype development, such projects include producing new laser processing heads, automation for improved parts handling and new powder feeding systems.

ALT also continually updates its personal database with metal powder recipes and testing results, using powders such as stainless steel 316L, Inconel, H13 tool steel and Cobalt (stellite) powder.
These projects will enhance the product range ALT has on offer along with its supplier hardware; and system integration to deliver tailored and fully integrated laser systems.

ALT is currently expanding the scope for its products and services by entering into new international markets. It has been partnering with the Foreign Common Wealth Office (FCO) in a number of selected countries, initially using their services to gauge interest and seek new representatives to promote ALT products and services.

Following background marketing research and correspondence with local FCOs, ALT has first and foremost decided to concentrate on the new market places and service sectors in Canada, South Africa and Chile.

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