14 July 2014

New Multiwave Series MOPA Fibre Lasers from Datalogic

UK Distributor, Laser Lines Ltd, is pleased to announce the new Multiwave Series MOPA fibre laser sources from Datalogic. These new MOPA lasers complement their existing Q-switched models and complete a full fibre laser product portfolio.

Derived from a combination of know- how and experience at Multiwave Photonics SA with strong Datalogic expertise in laser material processing applications, the new Multiwave MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) fibre lasers offer high performance laser sources with technical features extending beyond Q-switched fibre sources.

Two Multiwave models are available - “M” Type and “DY” Type – and deliver all the benefits of the technology in the most effective configuration and performance for their target applications. These new lasers offer many advantages to the customer in terms of process speed and reproducibility, with an unbeatable speed of setup and process optimisation features:

  • Zero leakage, no need to adjust simmering or equalisation to minimise power leakage.
  • Excellent beam quality, very low M2, constant over the entire operating range
  • Synchronous & real time laser control on-the-fly dynamic parameters change capability. Zero time waste during the process.
  • Dynamic pulsing (DY – type only) optimises energy deposition in the material, improving process efficiency/throughput.

Laser Lines Ltd is a Datalogic Elite Quality Partner.

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