14 July 2014

LVD introduces high speed automation for Electra and Sirius Plus laser cutting machines

LVD announces the latest in laser cutting automation, designed for flexibility and speed. Handling sheet sizes from 1000x1000 mm up to 3050x1525 mm, the Flexible Automation for Lasers (FA-L) is now available on our Sirius Plus and Electra laser cutting machines.

Load/Unload in 40 seconds
Designed to work in sequence with laser cutting machines’ continuously improving capabilities and higher cutting speeds, the FA-L unloads a finished sheet and loads the next sheet on the table within 40 seconds. This is possible due to separation of load/unload devices working simultaneously, resulting in fast changeovers. Depending on sheet size, all or a number of suction cups are automatically activated. Other features include sheet thickness control and automatic sheet separators, ensuring lift of only one sheet of the intended thickness.

True Flexibility
With standard features and key options available, the FA-L is LVD’s most flexible automation yet. The FA-L can be fully integrated with an existing warehouse and an optional second loading pallet can help manufacturers get more from their night shift, as the extra loading pallet allows for production on two different sheet types and/or thicknesses. To fully protect a sheet from scratches, optional scratch-free unloading is an available option.

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