15 July 2014

Laser Mechanisms' all-new FiberMINI Weld is small in size but big on performance

At only 55mm square around its central core, Laser Mechanisms' FiberMINI® Weld is an ultra-compact, lightweight welding head for all fibre-delivered, solid-state laser systems up to 6kW.

FiberMINI Weld has a simple, yet flexible design that allows Laser Mech to optimize the processing head to the end user's requirements. Optics are protected against contamination by an easily accessible cover glass (optional cover glass monitoring is also available). Offered with either straight or right angle fiber inputs, FiberMINI Weld delivers both user-friendly operation and reliable performance at an attractive price.

Available in focal lengths to 300mm, FiberMINI Weld features 10mm of manual focus adjustment, optional camera viewing and an effective air knife to help extend the life of the cover glass.


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