17 July 2014

LVD offers new model of its automatic tool changing press brake, the ToolCell

LVD’s unique ToolCell press brake system houses all tooling inside the machine and automatically performs tooling set-ups. Due to increasing demand, LVD is now offering a 220-ton, 3-meter model.

A large selection of top and bottom tooling is stored in a tooling stadium/warehouse under the back gauge. An innovative gripper design built into the machine’s back gauge finger serves as the tool changer mechanism.

When a job is complete, the press brake automatically changes the top and bottom tooling as required for the next job. All tool stations are precisely positioned, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

LVD’s patented Easy-Form® Laser in process angle monitoring and correction technology ensures first part, good part bending accuracy. A 19” touch-screen display makes operation easy and intuitive.

Along with the new 220-ton, 3-meter model, LVD offers a 220-ton, 4 meter model and a 135 ton, 3 meter model.

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