30 July 2014

EOS GmbH marks its 25th anniversary with move to new technology centre

Leading additive manufacturing system manufacturer, EOS GmbH, has moved into a new technology and customer centre in an area of Krailling, Germany, known as Innovation Mile. The company’s subsidiary in Warwick serves the UK and Irish markets.

Dr Hans J Langer, founder and CEO of EOS commented, "This new building represents a further milestone for EOS and is an expression of our company's growth and success over the last 25 years.

“We operate in a market that is highly dynamic and which offers huge potential. In the past, we almost exclusively served the area of rapid prototyping whereas now, additive manufacturing enables series production for industrial applications.

“We have more space to grow, allowing EOS to continually adapt to new market conditions and industrial segments. Moreover, the new customer centre will allow us to jointly develop current and future application solutions in additive manufacturing, together with our customers."

With the construction of the new building, EOS underlines its loyalty to its location in Krailling, to the west of Munich. With a floor space of 17,000 m², the building is able to accommodate an additional 300 employees, while its design follows specific architectural, spatial and workplace concepts. The architectural concept renders the three key principles of the company's business strategy – innovation, quality and sustainability – both visible and tangible.

Christian Kirner, the company's COO, said, "The facility operates on the basis of an integral, sustainable energy concept. In line with our corporate objectives, right from the start emphasis was placed on the building's functional and ecological efficiency.

“Both its construction and operation were conceived with due consideration to the efficient use of energy and resources and the EOS building already complies with the requirements of tomorrow."

Customers and long-term colleagues over the last 25 years congratulated the company on its anniversary.

Christoph Weiss, Managing Partner of the BEGO Group: "We have enjoyed a close and rewarding partnership with EOS since 2008. Their systems represent the current benchmark in selective laser-melting system engineering in the dental market and have facilitated our success in three continents – Europe, Asia and America. Our joint success is also due to the reliable support and the very good personal contact that we have with developers in Finland. Thanks to the sophisticated EOS technology and our BEGO processes and alloys, we are able to restore the smile to the faces of patients worldwide – and it is this that drives us on every single day."

Bart Van Der Schueren, Executive Vice President, Materialise: “We congratulate EOS on their 25th anniversary. We have been successfully collaborating with the company over its entire history, both as a software partner and as a user of their technology. Looking back over a quarter of a century, it goes without saying that EOS has had a huge impact on the industry. Thanks to their efforts, production is changing in a fundamental way and is giving new opportunities for products and businesses.”

Terry Wohlers, Wohlers Associates: “EOS has played an important role in the history of additive manufacturing and industrial 3D printing worldwide. Without the company, the landscape of the industry would be much different today. We expect laser sintering to serve a wide spectrum of organisations in the future, especially as they uncover the vast potential of the technology.”

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