30 July 2014

New picoEmerald S from APE GmbH

The picoEmeraldTM S from APE GmbH combines a picosecond OPO and it’s pump laser in a single housing. The new pump source offers shorter pulses of just 2ps with 10cm-1 spectral width compared to the original picoEmerald version offering 6ps.

The OPO generates narrowband picosecond pulses from 700 – 960nm and 1120 – 1960nm, wavelength selection is under computer control and measured with a built in high resolution spectrometer.

The 3 beams (OPO signal, OPO idler and 1031nm pump laser fundamental) are available individually or at the same time in various combinations overlapped in space. They are also temporally overlapped via an internal delay line. The delay line is variable and computer controlled to allow few 10’s of ps delay to accommodate possible dispersion when different wavelengths propagate through optical elements, (eg in a microscope).

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