30 July 2014

A mobile solution for large component repairs

As far as large machinery, tools and component repairs are concerned, laser technology is often ignored. The preference has been for a manual solution, in the belief that this will get the repair done faster. However, the tide is beginning to turn. The catalyst was the launch of the world’s first mobile laser, the Alpha Laser ALM. No longer does a heavy, bulky machine or component have to be moved to a designated repair centre – the laser goes to where the repair is needed. There’s no need for removal, transport or reinstallation with all the downtime involved. With a mobile laser repair, the failed device is back in action with the minimum of time and inconvenience and, compared with other welding methods, with major cost savings as well.

Versatile control options
Alpha Laser has extended its mobile range yet further with the arrival of the ALFlak Max. Deposit welding can be carried out safely and efficiently on large machines, components, design parts and injection and forming dies. With its new semi-automatic User Coordinate-Controller, even 3-dimensional movements and sequences can be carried out with ease.
Control is the watchword with this new laser. The digital control allows the finest positioning of the processing head. This is designed for x, y and z and r axes (the rotary (r) axis is optional). The control can be operated manually by joystick or semi-automatically with a pre-selected speed of the motion axes.

Longer reach, more flexibility
To provide a larger movement area and more flexibility for welding and contour overlays, the ALFlax Max has a 2.8m arm. This enormous reach allows it to weld right inside large tools and components. Working at up to 2m high and 80cm deep, 340mm welding joints can be produced in the most challenging and hard to reach areas, without any break. With laser sources of up to 250W output available, filler metals with larger dimensions can be used, providing a continuous homogenous fusion with the base material.

The self-propelled tracked chassis allows operators to drive the laser direct to the welding spot. An undercarriage version for transport by forklift truck is also available.

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