12 August 2014

New 50W pulsed fiber lasers from SPI

In response to the rapid growth in application driven demand for nano second pulsed fiber lasers, SPI has introduced a new 50W laser to further enhance the redENERGY G4 pulsed product range.
In a compact air cooled package, the new G4 50W pulsed fiber lasers have been developed for deep engraving and micro-cutting, but are also ideally suited to a broad range of metallic and plastic marking applications requiring higher productivity.

Offering a 1mJ pulse energy with >10kW peak power and z-type beam quality of <1.6M², the G4 50W lasers are available in a basic RM model with 2 PulseTune waveforms 1-500kHz, and a more versatile EP model with 38 waveforms 1-1,000kHz. They also benefit from all the major G4 features such as standard 3 year warranty, a rugged IP54 rated beam delivery cable and a range of collimated beam diameter outputs.

Dr. Jack Gabzdyl, Product Line Manager for SPI’s pulsed fiber lasers, says, “We are excited by this new addition to our G4 product range. We strive to listen to our customers’ needs, developing and offering them the best tool for their requirements; and the 50W will really help us address more of the deep engraving and micro-cutting application space”.

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