4 September 2014

New multifunctional DPSS nanosecond UK laser launched

Photonics Industries, “The Pioneer of Intracavity Solid-State Harmonic Lasers”, uniquely combines its proficiency in intracavity harmonic generation with end pumping diodes to create the DSH-355 Series multifunctional diode pumped solid state nanosecond UV lasers — a single laser that can be applied to a wide variety of industrial applications.

Intracavity (IC) harmonic generation is naturally more efficient than external cavity (EC) harmonic generation. In addition, it also provides better pulse to pulse stability and superior average power stability, which is relatively insensitive to ambient temperature changes. Photonics Industries’ IC harmonic generation uses a non-consumable THG crystal that makes complicated crystal indexing schemes unnecessary. Furthermore, with its naturally smaller beam distortions, a better mode quality results, which leads to a better depth of focus so the user can drill deeper into the material being processed.

Applications for the DSH-355 Series, multifunctional diode pumped solid state nanosecond UV laser range from FPCB cutting, via hole drilling to UV marking applications as well as ITO patterning. The DSH-355 Series lasers have an imbedded Total Pulse Control System with advanced processing functionalities such as burst mode. Photonics Industries is represented in the UK by Laser Lines Ltd.

Contact: Gary Broadhead

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