11 September 2014

Ophir-Spiricon announces laser beam splitters/attenuators for large beams to 1-inch diameter, powers to 500W

Ophir Photonics, global leader in precision laser measurement equipment and a Newport Corporation brand, has announced the LBS-400 Beam Splitters, a family of laser beam samplers that control and adjust beam output power that reaches the beam profiling camera.

The LBS-400 samplers are the largest, dual-wedge attenuators on the market. They measure UV, NIR, or IR wavelength beams with diameters up to 1 inch (25.4mm) and power levels from 10mW to 500W. For use with the Pyrocam™ pyroelectric beam profiling cameras, the splitters combine a compact, portable design with high power ranges, making the LBS-400 an ideal solution in any situation where beam profiling must be performed in a relatively small area.

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