30 November 2014

FiberLight - one micron sheet metal cutting

II-VI Infrared is renowned for providing the world’s best CO2 laser optics. II-VI now offers optics for use in one micron laser systems (Fiber, Yag and Disk). Fabricated from fused silica or ZnS(MS) II-VI one micron optics can be used at both low power and in multi kilowatt systems. More industrial laser OEM’s use optics from II-VI than from anyone else.

Building on over 40 years of experience working with high power laser optics II-VI and materials II-VI now offers Fiberlight laser cutting heads for use with 1μm laser cutting systems up to 2kW.

The FiberLight S and FiberLight 90 have a sleek, modular design which allows II-VI to provide the user with the ideal cutting solution. The FiberLight is capable of processing a variety of materials and thicknesses and supports both inert and active gas types. The FiberLight achieves the perfect balance between superior performance and cost to the end user. II-VI will be exhibiting a range of Fiberlight cutting heads at the ILAS 2015 conference. See

Key Fiberlight features include:

  • Most compact and versatile head design in its class.
  • Optional height sensor electronics.
  • Available with a straight design or a 90° turning option.
  • 10mm Focus Adjustment range.
  • Modular design allows user to select from 5 different magnifications to achieve the optimal spot size.
  • Custom mounting plate available upon request.
  • Quick Cover Slide exchange drawer.


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