10 December 2014

Laser cutting system for tube and sheet - a winning combination

Both flat sheet and tube section can be processed competitively on the new Adige LC5 laser cutting system. Available from BLM Group UK, this highly versatile and compact combination machine brings extra opportunities for purchase justification and for users to exploit the productivity gains that laser can deliver, particularly on shorter production runs.

The LC5 can switch from flat sheet processing to tube processing, and vice-versa, immediately and automatically without the need for any retooling, making it the ideal choice for both OEM and subcontract manufacturing facilities.

Capacity of the LC5 includes being able to process flat sheet measuring up to 1500mm x 3000 mm (can be increased), and round, square, rectangular and oval section tube up to a maximum diameter of 120 mm, makes LC5 the ideal solution for companies who want to process both product types on a single system. The customer has the option of choosing either a 4.5 kW CO2 laser source or, a 3 kW fiber laser, which opens up the potential to process reflective metals such as copper, brass and aluminium.

A key element in the design of the LC5 was to keep the footprint as small as possible. Adige has achieved this by incorporating all of the electrics/electronics within the machine itself. This also has a benefit at installation, which is greatly simplified by this approach. A further design feature that is customer focussed is the ease of machine access and operation created by use of wide openings to the working area and the use of two touchscreen operator panels that allow the machine to be controlled from the best possible positions at all times. The LC5 also has a number of options, including adding higher levels of automation.

As the market for cut sheet and tube changes, with customers asking for smaller batch sizes and ever shorter lead times, suppliers have to adapt and find new opportunities. The LC5 laser cutting system provides the adaptability and performance that is needed in these circumstances, allowing users to respond flexibly and appropriately to specific requests and meet production quality and delivery times.

“The Adige LC5 laser cutting system is another example of how we are applying laser technology to assist customers to maximise their productivity and give them a competitive edge in the face of increasing competition and a changing market,” says Paul Lake, Managing Director, BLM Group UK.

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