22 December 2014

mosquitoo X - 5W Green and 1W UV in the palm of your hand

The new mosquitoo X lasers are the latest expansion of InnoLas Photonics’ mosquitoo family of Q-switched mini DPSS lasers, engineered for superior performance in 24/7 industrial applications. With pulse widths as short as 10ns the mosquitoo X lasers are available with 6W@1064nm, 5W@532nm and 1W@355nm. Pulse energies as high as 200µJ and peak powers up to 20kW make these lasers a perfect tool for today’s demanding applications that require short pulse widths, excellent beam quality and superior pulse-to-pulse stability even at high repetition rates.

The extremely compact and conduction cooled laser head comes with a 1RU power supply or optionally with a small 24VDC PCB power supply for OEMs using the field proven InnoLas Laser Control Interface that is common to all InnoLas Photonics industrial lasers. With its unparalleled small footprint, exceptional performance, rock solid construction, its versatile options and ease of integration, the mosquitoo X is the perfect choice for laser marking or micro machining applications like in PV or semiconductor manufacturing.

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