5 January 2015

Laser Cutting Excellence - Introducing Nitto Fiberguard



Nitto Europe has launched a new generation of process tapes, the Fiberguard series. Fiberguard is a surface protection tape that protects stainless steel surfaces during both CO2 and Fiber laser cutting processes.

Fiberguard combines a white printed PE carrier with a release layer and pressure sensitive modified rubber-based adhesive. It has been specifically designed to ensure that no pre-cutting is required, thereby saving users vital production time. The special formulation of the adhesive system means that the film is held in place and that therefore no bubble-forming occurs during the laser cutting process. The unique fully white film is used to prevent carbon deposit with the additional advantage of eliminating the cleaning process following laser cutting and ensuring additional quality control.

Depending on the application, Nitto offers two Fiberguard types. Fiberguard Blue has the highest adhesion level in the market and is therefore recommended on rougher surfaces and thicker steel plates. It is a problem solver for very difficult and complex shapes where the risk for blowing up during laser cutting remains minimal. Fiberguard Light has a lower adhesion level and is therefore the perfect solution for thinner steel plates, as it guarantees easy removability afterwards.

Fiberguard is unique in the range of process tapes because it not only meets the practical needs of our customers, but also has been designed with the entire supply chain in mind. The benefits of Fiberguard, such as no pre-cutting required, no bubble forming and no carbon residue after the laser cutting process have been specifically designed to ensure a reduction in cleaning operations, additional quality control and fewer production shut-downs, thus saving time and cost. Ultimately this means developing a solu¬¬¬tion that allows the customers to make their cutting processes shorter and more efficient, resulting in higher added value end-products.


Nitto developed Fiberguard, a unique white process film for all your CO2 and fiber laser cutting processes.



About Nitto Denko Corporation
Japan’s leading diversified materials manufacturer Nitto Denko offers to the global market about 13,500 species of high-value-added products. Nitto Denko's strength lies in its flexibility to add diverse functionality to sheets, films and other materials, fully utilizing its core technologies such as polymer synthesis, adhesion and coating technologies.
Nitto Denko shares are traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, it is a global company founded in 1918 with 2014 sales of 5.4 billion Euro. The company consists of 109 subsidiaries across the globe and employs over 31,000 people.

About Nitto Europe NV
Nitto Europe NV is the European head office of the Japanese multinational Nitto Denko Corporation. Nitto Denko is a manufacturer of products such as double-coated adhesive tapes, sealing materials, medical tapes and polarizing films (for LCD). The company is an important supplier to worldwide markets such as automotive, consumer electronics, paper & printing, building & construction and even the medical industry.
Nitto Europe NV was founded in 1974 and has, besides production units, a network of sales offices throughout Europe.
The company realized a turnover of 367 million euro in 2014 with 1474 employees.
The essence of Nitto Denko's philosophy is flexibility. Our confidence lays in our own technology which we adapt to the specific needs of our customers.
More information on Nitto can be found on: for Fiberguard contact Lou Gonda:

About Protective Tapes UK Ltd
Protective Tapes are a dedicated surface protection company in the UK, and, the preferred Supplier and stockist of Nitto. With a wide range of products, which will include the new Fiberguard films, this means we are sure to have the right product for you, and most are available ex-stock. With a truly personal service, this is backed up by deep technical know-how from Nitto.

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