5 January 2015

Prism makes it personal with EasyJewel laser

Bradford-on-Avon based Prism Design is one of the leading manufacturers of Titanium jewellery in the UK, and very experienced in laser technology. Having purchased their first laser welder almost 14 years ago, they have since added a second Rofin laser welder and 2 years ago purchased the latest laser engraving system from Rofin, the EasyJewel.

At the heart of Prism’s EasyJewel system is a 30 W fiber laser source, the PowerLine F30, an air cooled laser requiring almost no maintenance. The system is designed for engraving or etching into metals, and is flexible enough to cope with flat parts or rings, bangles and bracelets. An innovative ring clamping system allows the internal or external holding of symmetrical or asymmetrical rings – with an angled slewing mechanism which enables a ring to be tilted under the laser processing area for marking of the inside or outside surface.

For Prism Design, the laser engraving service was a logical next step in helping their customers to personalise rings. This service has proved very popular and almost every job is unique, the easy software and camera preview allows the operator to configure and check the location of the laser engraving exactly before pressing the “go” button to start the laser engraving cycle. The laser offers a highly detailed result and the fact that focused light is the tool, means that there are no problems with tool wear or difficulties with clamping. Titanium parts can be deep engraved and then anodised to achieve colourful eye-catching results.

Barry Milburn, Prism Design MD and owner, comments “the addition of the EasyJewel from Rofin has made life more interesting and more challenging – we are driven by the individuality of our customers and since every job is different, we rely on the easy set up and rapid changes of content made possible by the EasyJewel”. 50% of Prism rings are made in Titanium and the ability to repair, etch, resize or personalise using the lasers in the workshop makes all the difference to the end result and improves customer satisfaction.

As an experienced user of laser systems in the jewellery workshop, Barry appreciates the level of after-sales service and customer care which sets Rofin apart in the industry. “When something goes wrong, we really appreciate the way Rofin respond – the attention to detail and high ideals of the Rofin service team are very reassuring” says Barry.

Rofin-Baasel UK offers a range of training and after-sales service to support customers in the UK and Ireland, and keeps a range of laser engraving systems in stock for demonstration and training.

You can see the jewellery Prism Design makes at their website: and contact them directly via

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