6 January 2015

Hamamatsu EX-mini Compact Excimer Light Source

Hamamatsu Photonics introduces the L12530 EX-mini; a compact, excimer light source ideal for R&D work in both cleaning and reforming applications. Hamamatsu has reduced the size of its popular flat excimer light source into a compact box that still offers the same high level of performance. This all-in-one, lightweight design offers great portability so it can be easily used for field work.

The EX-mini outputs 172nm light at 50mW/cm2; with highly uniform irradiation over the area of the rectangular lamp, which measures 86 x 40 mm in size. The light source is built in to the easily accessible irradiation box which has a moveable stage inside, allowing for height adjustment to increase irradiance. Along with the use of RF discharge, these design features enable highly effective material modification and cleansing capabilities compared to similar products.

In addition to having simple functions for easy operation, the Ex-mini can also be supplied with an Ozone Decomposition Unit making it even easier for indoor use, eliminating the need for installation of external exhaust ducts; just attach the unit to start operation.
The EX-mini delivers simple yet highly accurate testing and evaluations using vacuum UV light whenever and wherever you need.

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