16 March 2015

Newport Adds USB Communication to Its 843-R Handheld Laser Power Meter

Newport Adds USB Communication to Its 843-R Handheld Laser Power Meter
Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in photonic solutions, introduces the 843-R-USB handheld optical power meter. The new power meter has the same performance and specifications as Newport’s popular 843-R with the addition of USB communication to PC. With the included PMManager™ application software the 843-R-USB will turn any PC into a full optical power meter workstation for laser power analysis.

The PMManager software can graphically display and print data in various formats and allows for advanced measurement processing including power/energy density, scale factor, multi-channel comparisons as well as other user defined mathematical equations. Data can be logged for future review, saved in text format or exported into Excel spreadsheets.

Housed in an ergonomically designed compact body with rubber bumpers and kickstand, the 843-R-USB is capable of measuring laser energy and power levels from pJ and pW up to thousands of Watts. Values are displayed on a clear TFT 320 x 240 display together with either a bar graph or a high resolution simulated analog needle. The power meter is fully compatible with Newport’s 818, 918D, 819C/D series photodiode and the 919P series thermopile sensors. In combination with the thermopile sensor, Newport’s new power meter is also capable of single shot energy pulse measurement.

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