17 March 2015

LT5 the ultimate laser for processing smaller tube

The new LT5 Lasertube from BLM Group, an economically priced tube laser, targets those companies that are looking to break into automated laser tube cutting of small to medium sized tubes.

Component can be finish-machined, in a single-hit, on the same machine eliminating multiple traditional machining processes including: sawing, deburring, drilling, punching , notching, milling etc, – reductions of 70% in direct labour costs and cycle times are not unusual.

The Lasertube LT5 is equipped with a versatile and advanced IPG fiber laser that is capable of processing mild steel, as well as highly reflective materials such as aluminium, stainless, copper, and brass. Not only that, it also delivers dramatic improvements in energy efficiency when compared to the more traditional CO2 laser, resulting in savings of as much as 50% in hourly operating costs.

Efficiency is generated by the Lasertube LT5’s ability to measure the length of each tube automatically during the preloading phase, this information is then used by the machine’s control to optimise nesting and minimise waste material and, of course, reduce manufacturing costs.

Once cut, the control can be programmed to allow parts to be unloaded either at the front of the machine or at the rear. Additionally, parts can be diverted to specific parts bins in the unloading area when different pieces are being cut from the same tube. An optional conveyor at the rear of the Lasertube LT5 can also be specified that will unload short cut pieces or, deliver waste material to a scrap bin.

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