18 March 2015

Newport introduces fused silica plano-convex lenses optimised for ultrafast lasers

Newport Corporation introduces a new series of AR coated fused silica lenses specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of ultrafast laser applications. The UV grade fused silica precision plano-convex lenses are polished to tight tolerances to ensure minimum wavefront distortion and then coated with an antireflection coating optimised for broadband ultrafast laser wavelengths. The extreme purity of the fused silica eliminates microscopic defects that could lead to laser damage in high-energy applications. Tight surface quality tolerances minimise scatter and unwanted diffraction effects.

Newport’s new AR-coated lenses are available in 12.7 and 25.4 mm diameters. The anti-reflection coating provides transmission specifications of >98% from 660-1380 nm and >95% from 640-1500 nm per surface.

“The UV-grade fused silica provides maximum transmission from 195-2100 nm. Thanks to this high transmission wavelength range, our new lenses work ideally with the full bandwidth of the Spectra-Physics InSight™ Laser,” says Anna Sansan Wang, Optics Product Manager at Newport.

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