19 March 2015

ROFIN begins production of its 3rd generation fibre lasers

Fibre lasers have established themselves as efficient and reliable tools in industrial production environments. The ROFIN Macro Group has developed this technology even further and is now launching the 3rd generation of its ROFIN FL Series. By integrating more powerful pumping modules and an advanced optical unit, ROFIN is now capable of generating 2 kW of laser power from just one fibre laser unit and in doing so sets new technological standards.

"We have successfully achieved the next major milestone in our fibre laser technology," says Thorsten Frauenpreiss, Managing Director of ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH, Hamburg. "Our longstanding experience in the development, production and operation of high-power fibre lasers, together with feedback from our customers, have flowed into this new generation of laser technology."

These latest generation fibre lasers possess all the familiar advantages of the previous series, but are more efficient and compacter than ever before. In the standard version, FL Series lasers offer a separate enclosure for beam management, and feature up to four fibre outputs for time or energy sharing. Through the use of optical fibres with diameters of between 50 µm and 1000 µm, the beam quality can be precisely adapted to the specific application task, making these lasers universal tools for industrial production. The Compact version from ROFIN features extremely compact lasers with a fixed 50 µm or 100 µm output fibre for easy integration in existing systems, for example cutting systems.

ROFIN FL Series lasers are available with power levels ranging from 500 to 6000 W, and their modular and robust construction makes them capable of meeting the needs of tough industry environments. Alongside diverse monitoring functionalities, the ROFIN control unit (RCU) also provides for e-service capability, as well as simple realisation of scanner-based applications.

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