23 March 2015

Wavelength electronics lowest noise QCL driver is now available as a benchtop instrument

Featuring the lowest current noise density of any commercially available QCL driver, they enable lower detection thresholds in gas, liquid, and material sensing systems, with a proven track record of up to an order of magnitude.

Perfect for lasers that require a high-precision and ultra-low noise current source to measure concentrations lower than ever before. The 500 mA QCL driver exhibits noise performance of 0.4 μA RMS to 100 kHz, and an average current noise density of 1 nA / √Hz.

The high modulation bandwidth and fast rise-time maintains modulation waveform integrity so you can shape the laser output profile exactly as your application requires.

Translating to a stable centre wavelength, narrow bandwidth, and repeatable scans when used with quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) in material sensing systems, the QCL driver is available in four different instrument models.

The new driver instrument family, comes complete with intuitive touch screen front panel and remote operation software and are all CE marked. The QCL LAB family of instruments, features models available with output currents of 500 mA, 1000 mA, 1500 mA, and 2000 mA in Constant Current mode.

Safety features include:

  • Adjustable soft-clamp current limit, with Brick-Wall Never-Exceed circuitry
  • Password protection available to lock out a selectable control set
  • Key switch, active, and passive interlocks
  • Driver over-temperature protection circuit
  • Relay shorts output when current is disabled
  • AC input and patented power supply filtering
  • 2 second turn-on delay — adjustable
  • 1.5 msec current ramp

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