10 April 2015

Hutchinson Engineering expands into GB with new Birmingham office

With over 40 years experience, SJC Hutchinson Engineering, a manufacturing and engineering company based in Kilrea, County Derry, Northern Ireland, has announced the opening of a new office in Birmingham. This recent step comes on the back of several years of working closely with and supplying GB companies.

Renowned as one of the UK’s top sub contract laser and metal fabrication companies, Hutchinson Engineering has gone from strength to strength in the last few years, winning multiple awards and diversifying into various sectors.

Having predominantly worked in coach building, road transport, agricultural, materials handling and the medical sectors, Hutchinson Engineering chose to complement their capabilities and diversify into the aerospace, oil and gas sectors within the last two years.

As a result in December 2013 Hutchinson Engineering launched their new aerospace division, Hutchinson AeroTech, and announced that they were committed to investing £3.6 million in to new technology and R&D with the creation of some 27 new jobs at a new facility in Antrim, County Antrim. In addition to this, Hutchinson Engineering aspires to have offices across GB in Scotland, Wales and London, England.

Hutchinson’s success has been down to their continual investment in the latest laser cutting technology since 1998. This technology gives them the ability to cut a vast range of parts with utmost precision. Laser cutting offers more rigorous cutting profiles than traditional plasma cutting. It allows the cutting of complex shapes while maintaining an extremely high tolerance on anything from small batches to large production runs.

The company has also invested in highly advanced tube and angle laser-cutting machines, allowing the processing of complex shapes efficiently and accurately. The 3D laser technology can produce extremely specific and complex laser cut geometry on angle, box, channel, pipe and tube, offering increased flexibility as well as rapid turnaround times on high quality products.

Hutchinson engineering specialises in small to medium fabrications, using the latest synergic pulse MIG and TIG systems. All of their experienced welders are fully coded, which ensures that all fabrication is done consistently and to the highest standard.

Hutchinson Engineering is currently providing these services to companies throughout Ireland both a Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and across England, Scotland and Wales.
Through their customers, they provide laser cut components that reach across the world including Europe, The Middle East, The Far East, and Australia. It is hoped that with the opening of the new Birmingham office space, Hutchinson Engineering can offer their 40 plus years of experience and innovative new technology to the Midlands and London, whilst looking forward to further expansion in the future.

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