20 April 2015

Prima Power launches new 5kW Platino Fiber laser

Based on the highly successful Platino® Fiber laser platform, which has achieved more than 1500 installations worldwide, the new version of the high powered Platino® Fiber laser is available in versions up to 5kW. The new machine delivers piercing time reductions of up to 90%, near-zero lens setup times and cutting speeds of up to 5m/min on stainless steel.

Six years of experience within the industry led to the development of the latest Platino® Fiber which is dedicated to exploiting fibre laser technology to the full. Nitrogen piercing, which uses a flush of nitrogen to suppress the plasma, reduces piercing times in mid to high thickness material by up to 90%. For 12mm mild steel, the new Platino® Fiber pierces in less than one second. During trials, on a sample 12 mm thick mild steel part with 120 holes, cycle time reductions were around 25%.

The new machine has an option for a Laser Piercing Monitor. LPM gives real time feedback and a check when piercing is completed, which adds to the reliability of the cutting process. Additionally, Plasma Monitoring detects the formation of plasma when cutting is lost. An automated cycle then resolves the problem, by moving back a preset distance along the cut path and starting the cut again from a safe stand-off position. These enhancements add together to deliver productivity, high quality and reliability, especially when combined with Prima Power automation solutions.


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