5 May 2015

State-of-the-art products for laser material processing HIGHYAG exhibits at LASER World of PHOTONICS

HIGHYAG Lasertechnologie GmbH (HIGHYAG) will present its latest generation products for material processing with solid state lasers at this year’s LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich. Laser processing heads for cutting, welding and brazing as well as laser light cables and fiber-to-fiber couplers can be seen at the HIGHYAG booth 411 in hall A3.

HIGHYAG laser light cables with their advanced connectors are designed for diverse industrial applications. The new QBH-compatible connector, the LLK-Q, meets the demanding requirements for dynamic use in cutting machines. It guides the light to the processing head with almost no power or beam quality losses, including the ability to withstand unwanted radiation. The laser light cable portfolio also includes the automotive-standard connector, the LLK-Auto, as well as the connectors, LLK-HP for high-power applications and LLK-LP for low-power applications. Scattered light sensors are available as an option for all connectors.

Our improved laser cutting head, the BIMO-FSC, features new compact electronics with more interface options as well as a new and optimized cutting attachment. The BIMO-FSC is available in different variants for focus control. The variant with machine controlled adjustment of focus position will be rated in the improved version for a laser power of up to 8 kW. Maximum productivity can be achieved by usage of the BIMO-FSC with machine controlled adjustment of focus position and focus diameter. This enables flexible cutting of various sheet thicknesses without manual intervention.

Our latest generation remote laser welding head RLSK can freely position the focus in a three-dimensional workspace by scanner technology. With even faster adjustability of the focus position, the time between weld stitches can be minimized and the robot utilization and the laser utilization can be increased. The utilization can be further increased by using the extremely user-friendly software “RLSK-Studio” with its new features for process control. The new RLSK comes with new optics enabling lower laser induced focus shift and improved process monitoring due to increased light efficiency in the camera port. In addition, the RLSK features more control interfaces and more flexible mounting options of the cross jet. The RLSK will be presented in a ”welding-on-the-fly“ application with the Yaskawa Motoman MC2000 robot at the HIGHYAG booth.

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