16 June 2015

Laser Micromachining growth

Laser Micromachining Ltd is now in its tenth year of supplying fast-turnaround, high-precision, sub-contract laser manufacturing services to industry and the business continues to grow strongly. LML has reported that turnover for 2014/15 increased by 60% over the previous year and the outlook remains extremely positive.

This growth has allowed LML to increase its workforce of engineers and the number of laser tools which it has built to provide laser production services. The company operates a suite of manufacturing tools which use the latest generation of pulsed lasers spanning UV-IR wavelengths and nanosecond-ultrashort pulsewidths.

As part of the program of promoting the benefits of laser micromachining to industry, LML has also recently upgraded its website which now boasts dozens of pictures and videos of precision micromachining examples in all common engineering materials.

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