10 July 2015

ROFIN announces management change and stays focused on continued growth and innovation

ROFIN-SINAR Technologies Inc. has announced that Thomas Merk (previously Chief Operating Officer of the ROFIN Laser Micro and Marking Group) has succeeded Günther Braun as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, effective July 1, 2015. Also Mr. Braun has resigned as a director of the Company and Mr. Merk has assumed the vacant position and become a member of the Company’s Board of Directors. Mr. Braun will remain with the Company for a period of time to assist with the transition of duties.

“We are very grateful to Günther for his contributions throughout his 26-year career with the Company,” said Dr. Peter Wirth, Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors. “During his tenure, he made a considerable contribution towards strengthening ROFIN’s strategic position and has led the Company through many phases of technological innovation, most recently the successful introduction of our third generation of high-power fiber lasers.”

Dr. Wirth continued, “We are now entering a new phase of the Company’s development and we will continue to focus on innovation while taking a firm, bottom-line approach that will accelerate our competitive advantage and build value in this market. We have chosen Thomas to be our new CEO because of his contributions and demonstrated leadership. He has deep experience in the laser industry, business vision and financial acumen.”

“I am excited to lead ROFIN-SINAR in its next chapter of growth and development,” said Mr. Merk. “As the company with one of the greatest customer reaches in the industry and a strong product portfolio that includes some of the most advanced fiber-laser technology as well as a wide ultra-short-pulse laser portfolio in the market, there is significant opportunity ahead to drive growth and further margin improvement. I am looking forward to building on Günther Braun’s leadership, solidifying our strong market position and continuing to create long-term shareholder value.”

“It was a great pleasure to manage the fortunes of ROFIN for such a long time and I wish Thomas all success in the leadership of ROFIN,” commented Günther Braun.

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