6 August 2015

Rofin's new laser solutions for polymer welding

Rofin's polymer welding system, MPS, is either sold as a turnkey machine or as a functional kit consisting of laser, clamping unit and software for process control. Within less than a year the new polymer welding solutions 
are already turning out to be a great success.

The MPS family houses a DILAS Compact Evolution laser, operating with 980 nm or 880 nm wavelength and a cw power of 150 – 500W. A pyrometric process control allows for a constant welding temperature and hence optimised results. The MPS Family offers the ideal laser workstation for various material processing processes.

Four different workstations offer ideal prerequisites for customised applications in classical laser cutting, welding, structuring and drilling tasks as well as for numerous high precision ultrashort pulsed applications. The MPS Family includes the Compact, Flexible, Rotary and Advanced models.

Image: MPS Compact

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