11 August 2015

Additive manufacturing with a digital process chain in the Blok Group

Dutch company the Blok Group develops and produces high-quality components and solutions for demanding industries, including aviation. The Group has invested in two new laser melting systems from Concept Laser. They include an X line 2000R system and a new M2 cusing system.

The new X line 2000R at Blok will be the first system of this scale in the Netherlands. It currently offers the largest build envelope for laser melting metals. Its dual laser system is based on two 1,000-watt lasers and features a new sieving station that uses a quiet vibrating sieve instead of the tumbler sieve. The concept is compact; the oversized particle container is now smaller, and has been integrated into the sieving station. The dose unit has also been redesigned; it is now filled completely and fully automatically within one cycle. Erik Blok, CEO of the Blok Group commented: "Speed and volume are important requirements for high-quality, economical production." The design of the X line 2000R system is also suitable for processing reactive materials.

A new M2 cusing system by Concept Laser has been redesigned and the laser and filter are fully integrated into the system. The surface area of the filter has also been increased fivefold. Moreover the M2 cusing is fitted as standard with a water-submersible filter in order to guarantee safety when changing the filter. This system will be used in future to build medium-sized 3D geometries, positioning Blok as a comprehensive service provider for laser melting metals in the Netherlands. Installation of the new capacity started in August 2015 with the M2 cusing, followed by the X line 2000R in Q1 of 2016.

Image: M2 Cusing courtesy of Concept Laser

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