3 September 2015

Laser Mech has a variety of solutions for 5 micron CO lasers and alternative wavelengths

Whether for 9.3-9.4 µm CO2 lasers, 5µm CO lasers, frequency doubled and tripled lasers, or ultrafast lasers, Laser Mechanisms provides solutions for alternative wavelength applications. Laser Mech® stocks many of these wavelength specific mirrors and lenses for many beam delivery requirements.

The 9.3-9.4 µm band of CO2 lasers are a better choice for many polymers but require specially coated optics for optimum operation and to have proper circular polarisation. Laser Mech® can design and assemble a system with the correct optics and focus spot size to meet requirements with this special wavelength.

The newest IR wavelength for processing is the ~5.3 µm range of CO lasers. Laser Mech® has a standard, flexible, fully-enclosed and purged beam delivery system to get this wavelength to the workpiece - without extra loss. In addition, Laser Mech® has a full stock of the properly coated optics and mirrors for quick delivery.

Laser Mechanisms also maintains an inventory of focus lenses and mirrors for 532nm and 355nm doubled and tripled solid-state lasers as well as 1550nm and other ultrafast lasers.

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