29 October 2015

Laser material processing for automated production lines

With this year’s presentation at Productronica, Munich (10-13 November 2015), ROFIN focuses on customer tailored and cost-efficient solutions for industrial laser material processing. ROFIN is running one of the largest and best equipped application labs worldwide to transform market- and customer-specific requirements specifications into efficient integration systems or turnkey solutions.

Among the products demonstrated at the Productronica, ROFIN showcases an integrated system for laser welding and cutting, based on the MPS Flexible and a StarFiber laser, versatile solution even for varying manufacturing processes.

Also showcased live at the exhibition is plastic welding with MPS Compact and Compact Evolution diode lasers. ROFIN’s applications specialists are developing customized, often highly complex clampingunits, which are used with either a pneumatic or a servo clamping drive with integrated setting signal and level generation.

Now available with a pulsed fiber laser source, the Select Fiber opens up new horizons in fine welding, especially of miniaturized parts. The Select Fiber is the first of its kind to offer all the fiber laser benefits - utmost fineness, absolute process reliability and lowest possible maintenance within a manual laser welding workstation.

Image: ROFIN Select Fiber for high precision laser welding

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