9 November 2015

Bystronic holds two events in two weeks

Bystronic UK welcomed more than 80 customers to its Open House, held from 13th to 15th October at the company’s headquarters and technical centre in Coventry. The main theme, “driving up your productivity”, was broken down into three subsections - maximising shop floor capacity, reducing process costs and increasing overall productivity. It showed how Bystronic’s latest, innovative technologies can help a manufacturer to achieve its productivity objectives.

During the three-day event, Bystronic presented several case studies to illustrate how the latest BySprint Fiber laser technologies can be used to achieve higher levels of throughput. A comparison was made between CO2 and fibre laser technologies and a general increase in productivity of over 80 per cent was demonstrated across various materials and jobs. Furthermore, the presentation team was able to show a reduction in equipment operating costs of as much as 51 per cent in the best case.

The following week, Bystronic UK ran a dedicated waterjet open house on 22nd October and saw 20 customers attend the event in Coventry. Visitors were able to watch applications experts take a part from a 3D model to the finished product and see the parts being costed, quoted and nested and cutting technologies being applied using the latest software. They followed the manufacturing process through every step from abrasive selection to feed rates.

Bystronic UK’s waterjet team also gave presentations on the advantage of waterjet cutting, correct maintenance and selection of abrasives for various applications. Costs, differences, process safety and water treatment all formed part of the content.

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