16 November 2015

Blueacre Technology part of EU project developing surgical devices

Dundalk company Blueacre Technology is developing next-generation surgical devices as part of a new €4.5m EU research project, OPENMIND, which is aiming to create a production system for customised and metal-free minimally invasive medical devices (MIMDs). MIMDs, such as micro instruments and guide wires, play an increasingly important role in diagnostic and surgical medicine. They are used mainly by surgeons navigating and operating in the circulatory system without having a direct view. However metal devices are not compatible with MRI and with 10 million people each year getting an MRI scan for diagnostic purposes there is a large market to service.

Blueacre Technology will be working on the project with 8 other European technology companies, from countries including Germany, France and Italy. The OPENMIND team includes Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT (project coordinator), Diribet spol. s.r.o., IRIS Innovation Research Industrial Sostenibility, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, Nano4imaging GmbH, Tamponcolor GmbH, Gimac International and ICS In-Core Systèmes.

Dr David Gillen, Managing Director, Blueacre Technology, commented “We are delighted to be working on this cutting-edge EU technology project. Since 2006, Blueacre has invested consistently in research and development and engineering. This expertise in developing and manufacturing laser micromachining equipment and working with polymers has helped us secure the funding for this exciting and important research”.

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