25 November 2015

RAYLASE introduces a deflection unit for high laser power, speed and precision

RAYLASE enables new opportunities of material processing with lasers: The new deflection unit AXIALSCAN-50HP DIGITAL offers large field processing in X, Y, and Z dimension in combination with highest speed, precision and laser power. This makes it unique on the global market of laser beam deflection units. Moreover, its digital feedback control allows for a comprehensive system diagnosis and process optimisation.

From welding of car body sheet to cutting of cardboard – material processing by lasers became a standard in many applications. This was supported by the reliability and easy integration of beam deflections units for lasers of various wavelengths and power levels. Since the early days of laser technology, RAYLASE has been one of the pioneers offering deflection units and modules for laser systems.

RAYLASE has now extended its leading technology to position and focus lasers in X, Y, and Z dimension by the advantages of digital feedback control. This unique technological innovation is now available to the OEMs, system integrators and researchers worldwide in the 3-axis laser beam deflection unit AXIALSCAN-50HP DIGITAL. Its particularly large processing fields from 300 mm to 1,200 mm edge length and up to 600 mm depth, CO2 laser spots as tiny as 168 µm diameter and an accurate beam positioning of down to 4.6 µm make the AXIALSCAN-50HP DIGITAL the ideal solution to process large 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional parts with highest precision. It allows wavelengths of 1,064 nm (Nd:YAG) with up to 5 kW and 9,300 nm or 10,600 nm (CO2) with up to 2.5 kW. However, its agility, enabled by a patented double motor and lightweight mirrors made of silicon carbide, is even more impressive: With a laser deflection speed of over 12 meters per second, acceleration within 0.9 ms and a tracking error of just 0.5 ms the AXIALSCAN-50HP DIGITAL opens up new dimensions of laser processing. Thus this innovation offers decisive advantages in applications where speed is critical, as in many laser processing tasks in packaging for example.

Furthermore, this deflection unit comes with predefined tuning modes to optimize its performance for individual requirements on speed and sharpness of edges. Digital control technology and numerous sensors enable a highly precise adjustment of the deflection mirrors and provide continuous information about their exact position, speed and temperature. This allows for the instant detection of potential failures and prevents damages to precious workpieces.

RAYLASE deflection units are specifically designed for industrial applications. Thus, also the new AXIALSCAN-50HP DIGITAL offers a compact and rigid housing. When operated with RAYLASE’s proven water and air cooling this design ensures a long-term drift of as low as 100 µrad per axis.

After the 2-axis SUPERSCAN-III series and the AXIALSCAN-50HP DIGITAL, RAYLASE is integrating the digital control technology of galvanometers in new generations of laser beam deflection units. Therefore, further demanding laser processing applications will benefit from this innovation in short term.

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