3 December 2015

EOS wins game changer award

In Berlin recently, at the first award ceremony for the "Game Changer Award" initiated by Manager Magazin and Bain & Company, high-end additive manufacturing (AM) solution provider, EOS, beat 77 other companies to win the ‘challenger’ category.

Both of the initiators of the award are involved every day with business models that transform entire sectors and industries. This year, the award focused on digitisation that will have significant and far-reaching effects on the entire economy.

In addition to EOS, the prize also honoured two other companies in the ‘incumbents’ and ‘focused players’ categories. What all of these firms have in common is that they developed their own method for changing the rules of the game for their company and their entire industry.

Olaf Koch, Chief Executive Officer of METRO AG, who delivered the laudatory speech for EOS, said, "As the market leader and pioneer of the revolutionary industrial 3D printing technology, we considered EOS an obvious candidate for the Game Changer Award.

“EOS' development since its formation in 1989 until the present provides impressive proof, as the systems the company developed progressed from rapid manufacturing of prototypes through small series production applications to the production of larger volumes.

“EOS is an excellent example of technical innovation and entrepreneurial creative power. The current and especially future impact of the technology on value chains in industry and the entire economy is enormous."

Dr Hans J. Langer, founder and CEO of the EOS Group, explained, "We are very pleased with this award and would like to thank the initiators and the jury. It shows us that we are making the right decisions on the basis of our long-term business strategy.

“With this award, Manager Magazin and Bain & Company are also honouring a technology that is already heralding a paradigm shift in engineering and production and that plays a role in gradually creating entirely new business models at our customers."

The selection of finalists for the award, which was influenced by discussions with national and international industry experts, was based on a structured methodology and followed a four-step approach for all three categories: preparation of a longlist of companies, followed by a preliminary selection and then selection of the finalists on the basis of specific criteria related to digitisation. Finalists were then subjected to due diligence, which was presented to the jury to determine the winners.

In the ‘challenger’ category, the investigation focused mainly on the disruptive potential of the business model and its impact on customers and competitors. In this context, the following factors were analysed in particular: added customer value; the impact on the industry; and the future outlook for sustained and profitable growth.

Image: Dr Hans J. Langer, founder and CEO of the EOS Group

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