29 December 2015

TLM reach distribution agreement with InssTek

TLM Laser Ltd of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, have agreed an exclusive distribution agreement with InssTek Gmbh for their 3D metal printing products.

Andy Toms , Director of TLM laser, said “We have had a gap in our portfolio for some time in which we have been looking for a 3D printing process. However we were looking for a true production system not a system that just produces prototypes or parts from plastic.

“The InssTek process is quite unique in its ability to produce complex parts with no supporting structures being required due to good axis control and their tilting table.

“What also sets their system apart from the ‘powder bed fusion’ products is it can use commercially available industrial metal powder making it a very economical process. In addition, the powder flow is constant through the laser beam making the microscopic metal structure 100% tight and therefore no different from conventionally produced parts and in some instances producing better mechanical properties.”

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