21 January 2016

ROFIN laser solutions, co-developed with jewellery experts

Wolfgang Illich, Business Unit Manager at ROFIN, mentions: “We know a lot about lasers, but outstandingly practical solutions can only be developed in close cooperation with jewellery experts. Today, we can look back on a fruitful history of joint product and application development.”

EasyJewel - engraving and cutting with high efficiency
At the Inhorgenta exhibition, January 2016, ROFIN showcased the EasyJewel, a bench-top laser system for all engraving tasks on rings, pendants and flat pieces. Additionally, it cuts metal sheets of up to 1.2 mm thickness with high accuracy and perfect edge quality. The laser efficiently replaces a task that used to be carried out manually until now. A versatile system like the EasyJewel can be used in a multitude of ways, which helps to optimize its utilization and economic feasibility and saves time compared to challenging manual work.

SmartView - precise layout adjustment made easy
Engraving precious pieces or unique items is a crucial task. There can be only one attempt. Replacement will be expensive or even impossible. SmartView helps you by overlaying a live image on the workpiece and makes precise positioning of the layout simple.

OTF – perfect deep engraving on rings
Deep engraving all around rings without any distortions and visible seams is provided by the new On-The-Fly engaving option. OTF is especially suitable for large engravings in rings that usually require tiling of the pattern. Instead of this the process is performed on-the-fly without stopping the rotation of the ring. The set-up of the engraving job is supported by the well established EasyGUI software interface to make it easy to use.

Performance - cutting edge technology for the goldsmith’s workshop
In its 7th generation the Performance still sets the benchmark for the finest welding achievable in jewellery manufacturing and repair. Tried and tested controls, like a large touch-screen, a dynamic foot switch and weld assist functions simplify everyday work. Consistent weld quality, constant depth of focus from the first laser pulse to the last, and parallax-free microscope vision are essential for difficult tasks in the goldsmith’s workshop.

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