19 February 2016

ROFIN at Photonics West 2016

From UV to IR wavelength, from ultrashort pulses to continuous-wave and from low to high-power – ROFIN showcased a cross-section through its entire technology spectrum at the SPIE Photonics West 2016:




  • A wealth of experience with industrial short and ultrashort pulse laser sources and applications.
    With StarFemto, StarPico and PowerLine Pico, ROFIN presented the complete product-lineup of ultrashort and short pulse laser sources at Photonics West.
    ROFIN's 3rd generation high-power fibre lasers – small and efficient
    ROFIN 3rd generation fibre lasers are highly efficient, compact and meet the requirements of harsh industrial environments thanks to the modular and robust design. ROFIN presented its compact 2 kW laser, the FL 020 C, generating the power from a single fibre laser module. With the smallest footprint yet, this laser can be easily integrated into existing machine concepts.
  • ROFIN's proven CO2 sealed-off Slab laser technology – versatile, reliable and powerful
    ROFIN's SR Series CO2 lasers are the perfect tools for cutting, structuring, deburring or marking paper, wood, plastic or other materials. The powerful 100, 150 and 250 W sealed-off lasers with their enclosed design and integrated RF technology are ideal for use in extreme climatic conditions
  • Reliable and rugged diode-pumped, solid-state lasers from ROFIN’s subsidiary Lee Laser

ROFIN also presented papers at Photonics West:

  • Picosecond and fs lasers for industrial material processing
  • Megawatt-level peak-power from a passively Q-switched hybrid fibre-bulk amplifier and its applications
  • Laser filamentation of glass and other transparent, brittle materials: fundamentals and applications

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