23 February 2016

Jenoptik exhibited new products at Photonics West 2016

Jenoptik introduced a 16 W version as the new top model of its established JenLas® femto series for industrial micro-machining and exhibited various products and solutions for semiconductor, life science and industrial applications at SPIE Photonics West 2016.
The JenLas® femto 16 features a pulse energy up to 80 microjoules, a free and quickly adjustable pulse repetition rate from 100 to 510 kilohertz, single shot ability, an internal SHG option (THG on request) and reliable operation at up to 35°C ambient temperature.

The performance of this femtosecond laser is ideal for drilling injection nozzles and also provides a high productivity in cutting and structuring processes, at higher material removal rates compared to picosecond pulses.

In addition, the outstanding quality of machining achievable with this disk laser yields cost reduction at subsequent cleaning steps.
Reliable 24/7 operation in industrial environments is based on a robust monolithic cavity and long-life, maintenance-free components like powerful pump diodes and a further enhanced oscillator.

The Optical Systems division presented innovative freeform optics for infrared applications. The newly created Healthcare & Industry division will focus on highly efficient semiconductor material, diode lasers and a powerful femtosecond laser. In addition, Jenoptik showcased optical, optoelectronic and laser solutions of both divisions.

Image: JenLas femto laser

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