28 February 2016

Janspeed doubles up with BLM

Janspeed, the Salisbury-based manufacturer of performance exhaust systems has made significant increases in its tube bending capability following the purchase of a second BLM ELECT 80 All-Electric CNC Tube Bending Machine.

This latest investment is the next step in replacing the less efficient hydraulic bending machines that Janspeed had been using to manufacture the complex tube forms required on the exhaust systems supplied to prestigious customers in the OEM automotive sector. The new BLM ELECT 80 machines do not require the same high levels of manual skills and are also more environmentally friendly due to their all-electric axis movements eliminating previous issues with hydraulic oil and the energy level required to operate them is also greatly reduced.

The combination of the all-electric operation and touch-screen control also brings operating efficiencies, with Janspeed able to simulate jobs on the touch-screen control while the machine is bending other parts. This simulation provides an accurate cycle time for quotation purposes and allows Janspeed to optimise programs before they go into production. The skill set required to operate an all-electric machine is also different from the traditional hydraulic machines and is more suited to the new generation of setter/operators, whose familiarity with IT has a greater bearing than manual skills when getting the best from modern machine tools.

Both BLM ELECT 80 machines are being used on a variety of tube lengths and up to 80 mm diameter on 441 stainless steel tube, which was beyond the capabilities of its hydraulic benders. In addition, thanks to the nine-axes of movement and up to eight tools in the multi-stack tool system, it is possible to achieve multi- and variable-radius bending on the same tube in the same cycle. The machine and its control system also has the advantage of facilitating bends with very little straight between them, and even compound bends.

Unlike hydraulic systems all of the machine’s critical setting parameters are set and managed using the Siemens touchscreen CNC, with accuracy controlled through use of absolute encoders that eliminate all conventional sensors, further advantages of this system are increased reliability, performance and reduced maintenance costs.

“The addition of the first BLM ELECT 80 at Janspeed was part of a major investment program. The success of that first machine proved the viability of the all-electric system, therefore this second machine is confirmation of our commitment to maximising our manufacturing efficiency, product quality and, overall service levels to our customers,” says Mark Vaughan, Managing Director, Janspeed.

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