28 February 2016

Carrs Welding recommended by sporting journalist

In the January edition of The Field, a world renowned country and field sports magazine, Carrs welding was recommended for its laser welding of firearms. The article by Mike Yardley: ‘Restoring your heirloom’ goes into great detail in how to go about repairing and restoring your gun. Under the heading ‘Tips for restoration’ Carrs is recommended as the modern technique of laser welding for repairing ‘pitting on lock plates and action furniture’.

Carrs have a lot of experience with laser welding firearms including engraving repairs and loose barrel issues. The ability to offer almost invisible repair to restore the firearm to its original working condition is what makes Carrs a recommended service for any sort of gun repair.

A link to the full article can be found at

Image: courtesy of 'The Field' magazine

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