18 March 2016

Concept Laser achieves highest sales and new orders in the company's history

Concept Laser remains on a successful track. The machinery and plant manufacturer from Lichtenfels in Germany once again significantly increased sales, the number of manufactured machines and the number of employees in 2015. The increase in sales compared to the previous year was 54% and 161 machines were ordered in 2015. This equates to a growth in volume of 46% compared to the previous year. By the end of 2015, more than 550 laser melting machines had been installed by Concept Laser around the world.

Oliver Edelmann, VP Global Sales & Marketing, says: “We are very proud that we have managed to further expand the growth of the previous year. This shows that we continue to follow the right path. But anybody that knows Concept Laser knows that the passion for the technology and the strong drive for innovation will not allow us to rest on our laurels.”

Image: The “AM Factory of Tomorrow” from Concept Laser is a flexibly expandable, high-grade automated and centrally controllable meta production system which is focused fully on the production assignments in hand it satisfies the basic ideas behind Industry 4.0 and enables more economical series production.

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