25 March 2016

Lasys 2016: TRUMPF announces technological innovations and a world premiere

TRUMPF will be presenting an array of new systems and products from the realm of laser technology at the Lasys trade fair in Stuttgart, starting on May 31, 2016. The company will be focusing on technologies and solutions for the additive manufacturing of metal parts, also known as 3D printing. TRUMPF is the only manufacturer in the world to offer both key technologies in this field: laser metal fusion (LMF) and laser metal deposition (LMD). “We carefully consider the specific part and application in each case to decide which is the most suitable method for each customer,” says Klaus Löffler, managing director and head of sales at TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH. “Our new TruPrint 1000 LMF system allows us to create high-quality parts with delicate and geometrically complex structures for lightweight design and other uses. And if a customer has a hybrid application and wants to apply new structures and shapes to existing components, we can come up with a creative solution using our versatile TruLaser Cell 3000 machine and the new LMD package,” Löffler explains.

TRUMPF has also developed new solutions for welding copper. As an excellent conductor of both heat and electricity, this impressively versatile metal is a hugely important raw material, especially for the electronics industry. Löffler describes how TRUMPF has improved the welding process: “More and more companies are using infrared lasers to weld copper, but the problem is that copper is highly reflective at a wavelength of 1,000 nanometers. That leads to spatter, which can damage the part and – in the worst-case scenario – cause short-circuits on the board.” This problem is neatly solved by the TruDisk Pulse 421. The laser works in pulsed mode, emitting laser light in the green spectrum at 515 nanometers. This results in far less spattering during the welding process – regardless of the nature of the surface.

World premiere to be unveiled at end of May
TRUMPF is also preparing a world premiere with a “wow” factor for this year’s Lasys fair in Stuttgart. “We’ll be presenting a trend-setting new generation of products that we think will steal the show,” says Löffler. “It’s the logical next iteration of one of our mainstays, with plenty of optimized features,” Löffler enthuses. “Powerful and yet energy-efficient, this laser excels in handling a broad array of applications.”

Image: Welding copper with the TruDisk Pulse 421 produces far less spatter – regardless of the nature of the surface

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