31 March 2016

Delivery of the 1000th fibre laser from ROFIN to the Fraunhofer IWS Dresden, Germany

Together with the Ravensburger machine builder Arnold, ROFIN delivered the 1000th fibre laser from Hamburg production to the Fraunhofer IWS in Dresden.

The last laser to leave the ROFIN Hamburg production site before Christmas 2015 was a real jubilee laser. After the first fibre laser in 2009 the 1000th laser from this series, a 1 kW ROFIN FL 010 C in the compact version, was delivered to the Ravensburg Machine builder Arnold. The laser was shipped in February 2016 together with a newly-developed 3D laser processing system to the Fraunhofer Institute in Dresden, Germany.

At Fraunhofer IWS the laser is now used in a research project. Here extremely thin wires are deposit-welded with the laser and filigree structures are brought to a cylinder. They are then modified by laser. The structures will be later used as a tool in printing machines.

“We are pleased to deliver the 1000th fiber laser via Ravensburg to Dresden. We have enjoyed a very good cooperative working relationship with both locations for many years now”, said Lebrecht von Trotha, Sales Manager at the ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH in Hamburg. “Already in 2008 we restructured our complete production to lean production and the material flow to Kanban. With this we are able to handle the continuously increasing numbers of fibre lasers, to keep our needs-based delivery times and to react flexibly to upcoming possible changes.”

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